We are an experienced carpet cleaning contractor that operates in the Golders Green district. Our services are fairly popular among residents of the area, but one of our highly sought offers is carpet cleaning.

We’ve been cleaning carpets for several years and during this time we have learned a lot of things about the cleaning process, things that help us achieve better results without increasing the price of our services. This has turned our carpet cleaning service package in one of the most qualitative, affordable and tempting offers in the area.

We specialize in cleaning just about all types of carpets, so there isn’t a job which we can’t handle. We can take advantage of a number of different cleaning methods and each one of them is suitable for a different type of carpet. This means that we have a unique approach that
guarantees satisfying results.

Carpet cleaning can be a difficult job, especially if you are not trained to do it. This is not the case with our professionally trained cleaning technicians who’ve been thought to use different carpet cleaning equipment and methods. Most of our workers have years of experience behind their backs, so they’ll quickly and easily clean the carpets in your home and satisfy your cleaning needs.

Our carpet cleaning service package is available to all residents of Golders Green. This is a large residential district situated in the southern part of London. The district’s name was inspired by the landscape around the area.

However, the first name of this area was “The Common”, but back then this place wasn’t as popular as it is now. In fact, it was inhabited by a few people until the main road was built.

Thanks to this new road, the area was connected with other major parts of London and many people moved in here. Fifteen mansions were built next to the main road and many followed afterwards. It is suspected that the name Golders Green became popular during the 1840s.

Many popular British people have resided in Golders Green. Some of the most popular ones are: Linda Agostini, John Lynn, Lionel Jeffries, Arthur Rhys Davids, Edward Powys Mathers, Leslie Howard and others.

There are many interesting landmarks in the area and if you are planning to visit it, then there are some places which it is mandatory to see. One of them is the Honour Oak Park which is a great place for rest and relaxation. Other popular places are the St. William Of York Church,
The Hob Public House, London Snooker Club and the Horniman Museum.